Gaelic Re-existence


exploring possibilities in decolonization, land, and ancestral reconnection in Ireland


Gaelic Re-existence is about exploring the possibilities of the disruption of modern/colonial ways of knowing/being towards re-engagement with older ancestral ways of knowing/being, and the rebuilding of relationships with nature and the land, and what these processes may teach us in the midst of climate collapse.


Gaelic Re-existence is currently offering one online course – Decolonization in Ireland: unravelling whiteness and remembering the land – with more to come in future. Stay tuned on social media channels for future announcements.

1-to-1s, consultations, and event bookings

I am available for 1-to-1 sessions to discuss and aid in processing your journey with decolonization, or to consult on how decolonization applies to your work or project. I can also be booked to speak at events on the topics I cover. Please get in touch and we can discuss the specifics!