ONLINE COURSE: Decolonization in Ireland: unravelling whiteness & remembering the land

What does ‘Irishness’ mean? How was this ‘identity’ created? What would it look like to unravel it?

Why are whiteness and coloniality something we should be concerned about in efforts to reconnect with the land and ancestral animist lifeways?

What would it mean to re/claim ‘indigeneity’ as modern people in Ireland today? Can or should it be done? What can the desire to claim it tell us?

In what ways can we respond to Ireland’s complex position in colonial histories and systems, having been both colonised and participating in colonialism?

What can and does the process of decolonization actually look like in the Irish context (being aware of the word’s misuse as metaphor)?

These are some of the questions we will explore throughout this course, and more.

PODCAST: Ireland Beyond Colonialism

The Ireland Beyond Colonialism podcast seeks to bring together diverse perspectives on how colonialism & coloniality manifest in our lives, and projects being pursued that express a different way of being. It covers many broad topics including: racism & white supremacy, colonialism, Irish history, Gaelic culture, mythology, climate breakdown, decolonization, anti-capitalism, queerness & gender issues, herbalism & foraging, spirituality & religion, and more as we see fit!

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